Anjali Tendulkar

“I love all of Amrita’s products, specially the Apple Crumble and the Cookies. They are so fresh and delicious! Her low sugar options are a great idea!”

Priya Dutt

“I wish Amrita the very best and bless her to make the otherwise most sinful cakes and cookies more healthy for people like me. Her whole wheat tea time cakes and oatmeal cookies are simply delicious and you enjoy it without feeling guilty. Thanks for the healthy options Amrita, both for me and my kids. All the best baking more goodies!”

Sandip Soparrkar

“Amrita’s brownies are out of this world, so delicious soooo sinful… The day I get them home, they’re over the same evening. None of us can resist the temptation of these yummy delights. Thanks Amrita, for adding the sweetness to our lives.”

Deepika Padukone

“Congratulations Amrita on your new venture, guys you have to try out the Banana Walnut Cake and Granola Bars, my favorites! Wish you the very best!”

Sumati Raheja

“Ambu's cakes are delicious and nutritious. The innovative flavors make them unique to her. They make the perfect dessert, tea time snack or lunch box treat for children. The cakes and biscuits are guilt free indulgences for the whole family!”

Sonali Wadhwani

“My son is extremely fond of cakes and cookies, which isn’t a very healthy food habit, but now I can provide him with them without worrying as Amrita has made eating these treats a healthy habit. Even a calorie conscious person like me can indulge occasionally without feeling guilty.”

Poonam Mirchandani

Head, Little Bo-Peep

"Amrita's got the ability to transform mere flour into cakes and cookies that can be enjoyed at any hour! They're delectable, wholesome, and tastefully packaged too. They have that home-baked aroma no shop-product gives you.

Indeed with my students and my staff at Little Bo-Peep, Banana-Nut Cake, Chocolate Yoghurt Cake and Animal Cookies are a celebratory treat.

Be it a birthday, a festival, or any occasion to rejoice.... Amrita’s whisked up delights are our gateaux of choice."

Rohini Tannan

“Ambu, as I fondly know her, bakes the most delicious tea cakes, especially the banana one!! From my birth announcements to kid's Birthday invites she's done it all! In my household there has to be either “Ambu Aunties" brownies or cookies at all times. She is most accommodating even to my last minute orders. Most importantly I rely completely on the quality of her goodies.”

Dr. Rohini Wadhwani

“Amrita’s cakes are healthy, fresh and delicious. There are new ones on the block all the time and all are divine. Her Almond and Chocolate Chip Cookies are my little ones favorite and I love them too.”

Kanika Kapur

“I am quite health conscious and prefer to avoid refined carbohydrates completely. Amrita’s whole-wheat cookies and brownies are an absolute blessing in disguise for me. I never step out without one of her Granola Bars in my bag. They are healthy snacks, perfect for in-between meals hunger cravings!”

Neevia Bhathena

“My Dear Amrita, I take this opportunity to say “Thank you” for always making the very important occasions in my life extra special with your amazing brownies, cakes and cookies. My children’s birthdays and family dinners have never been complete without a dessert from you!

I wish you the very best and every success in your endeavors and hope you always continue to spread the “sweetness” around. Best Wishes Always.”

Sausan Bukhari Govani

“If there’s ever been a cross-over of “hmmm...” and “wow, healthy” cake, it has to be Amrita’s baking.

The first time my family and I were introduced to Amrita’s Chocolate Yoghurt Cake by a friend, we were all certain that we needed a cake at home every week from then on. True to her sincerity and dedication, the cake has consistently been moist, rich and absolutely satisfying year after year.

In the past few years, with Amrita’s help and ever willingness to try out new recipes, we’ve sent out freshly baked cakes for Eid Celebrations to over a 100 of our friends and family. I have received countless compliments over these divine cakes... And I’m hoping that we’ve advocated a little publicity to the fabulous lady responsible and deserving of all the credit.

I’m also grateful to Amrita, more often than not, for saving my neck and always having a cake available when I need one, in an emergency situation (where I’ve forgotten to order someone’s birthday cake!!).

Amrita will always be my first choice for wholesome, delicious, home baked cakes. I really know of no one else in the city who not only provides prompt and hygienically packed baked goods, but the goodies always come with the warmest and friendliest service.”

Ekta Raheja

“As a health conscious individual, an avid believer in the goodness of wholesome and nutritious foods; I try and make wise yet treatful choices in my diet. Amrita’s cookies provide me exactly that. As a loyal customer I can say that her cookies provide the right balance between health and good taste. It is definitely my choice as a staple snack minus the guilt of indulgence.”

Ina & Sanjay Arora

“The Yummy Chocolate Yoghurt Cake…recommend you all on a gloomy dull rainy day...will melt and touch your heart straight…lots of love…all our best wishes for you Ambu, now and always!”

Rashmi Mehta

Ray’s Café and Pizzeria

“Been ordering from Amrita for years and i have to say her products are absolutely superb. The brownies unlike the ones available in the market are delicious and as one of my friends said "the best brownies she's ever had". They stay fresh for days. The other product I swear by are her Granola Bars; very healthy no preservatives and definitely WORLD CLASS!”

Colleen Khan

“I have been enjoying Amrita's baking since before she turned pro, and she has got better and better. My daughter takes her cupcakes and cookies to school and even my husband who does not eat sweets asks for her Oat n’Raisin Cookies!! My personal favorite amongst many is her Carrot cake; a must try!!”

Monica Wadhwani

“My family and me have been eating Amrita’s cakes since the time she started baking. We started off with the cakes; just loved them. The Granola Bars, which are absolutely crisp and healthy, her cookies and brownies too are fabulous. We and our kids just love what she makes. And the best part is that it is all homemade and healthy and also always makes a superb gift. Amrita is just SUPERB!”

Poonam Bhambhani

“Amrita’s cookies are a bit of heaven melting in one’s mouth. Her brownies, I would eat everyday if I could afford the calories. Go binge!!”

Piya Reddy

“Amu’s cakes and biscuits are incredibly delicious; the fact that she manages great taste along with keeping them healthy and wholesome is why I don’t mind having them on a regular basis. My kids absolutely love them. My son especially loves the nutritional bars after his game of squash. In fact I’ve been gifting cakes instead of sweets on festivals and other occasions.”